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D/DOCK is an Amsterdam based design studio of interiors and total concepts. The philosophy behind the studio goes beyond physical and aesthetic aspects alone. D/DOCK adopts a working method in which design, project management and consultancy are the ingredients for innovative business cases build around human requirements. The firm’s team draws on an international network of experts, collaborating with respected professionals in the industry who share knowledge and passion for what they do, jointly seek solutions that stimulate ambition and education, and contribute to a sustainable future.

D/DOCK collaborated with national and international respected clients such as Google, Philips, B/S/H/, TomTom, VUmc Amsterdam and 20th Century Fox.

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 36
1017 DG Amsterdam

D/DOCK is an international, multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers and project managers.

Services Provided
D/DOCK develops and realizes innovative solutions for healthcare and educational institutions, retail, hospitality and work environments.
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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant Weekend in Amsterdam
Interior design

Weekend started off as an espresso bar but soon it became a much more versatile concept. It needed to be a place where guests of all ages can enjoy a quick breakfast, a good cappuccino or a late afternoon drink. Not only during the weekend, but seven days a week. D/DOCK is responsible for the interior design and realization of this new kid on the block and little baby sister of Restaurant Vandaag.

“We have noticed that many great espresso bars are only open during day time which seems odd to us considering the Dutch hospitality industry. We saw great potential as it is almost natural to Dutch customers to have a late afternoon drink after their coffee” explains owner Michelle Xu. The biggest challenge of the interior design was incorporating the transformation from day to night. The answer was found in the usage of light. The walls and ceiling are covered with a pattern of panels with light behind it. During the day, the intensity and color of the light can be adjusted to the mood and time to make the transformation from day to nighttime visible. Breakfast is marked by bright green and blue colors while the bar turn orange and red at night, just like a sunset. The twelve meter long bar is also a great gesture in the space. Not only is it multifunctional with a cocktail counter, food section and beverage showcase, it also gives the space direction.

Alan Jensen


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