About us


“Where can I try this now?”


We asked ourselves this question as design enthusiasts again and again. Shopping online is great, but some things you just want to try and touch before purchasing. However getting the information fo where certain design pieces are right now wasn´t easy. Email requests took days and often contained no precise information. Calling wasn´t always possible due to opening hours. As we spoke to leading interior design boutiques, we learned that there was also a need on their side to give consumers access to what was available to try and touch in the showroom. That´s why we connect consumers with leading interior design boutiques on Innsides. Our platform allows you to discover the current showrooms objects of interior design boutiques near your location.


Meet Anne-Marie & Vasco



Anne-Marie den Hertog, Co-Founder/CD

Anne-Marie is the design heart of the platform. As a founder and design enthusiast, her senses enjoy perfection and subtle differences. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she worked in leading creative agencies before starting Innsides for interior designers friends and accompanied numerous interior design projects.


Vasco Sommer-Nunes, Co-Founder/MD

Vasco loves to solves problems. If thinks could be done better, his entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t let up until they are solved. Born in Portugal, Vasco grew up mainly in Germany, but also lived in Italy, Denmark, the USA and Great Britain. He founded his first internet company with a friend in 1997 out of a student dorm, the second in 2005. Both companies have been acquired.


Have lots of fun finding precious design!

The interior design boutiques report current location information about designer furniture to us directly. The projects on this platform are submitted to us by interior designers. Unless otherwise stated, texts come from us, product or project photos from associated manufacturers or architectural firms. We look forward to your suggestions and hope you enjoy the discovery.