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D/DOCK is an Amsterdam based design studio of interiors and total concepts. The philosophy behind the studio goes beyond physical and aesthetic aspects alone. D/DOCK adopts a working method in which design, project management and consultancy are the ingredients for innovative business cases build around human requirements. The firm’s team draws on an international network of experts, collaborating with respected professionals in the industry who share knowledge and passion for what they do, jointly seek solutions that stimulate ambition and education, and contribute to a sustainable future.

D/DOCK collaborated with national and international respected clients such as Google, Philips, B/S/H/, TomTom, VUmc Amsterdam and 20th Century Fox.

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 36
1017 DG Amsterdam

D/DOCK is an international, multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers and project managers.

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D/DOCK develops and realizes innovative solutions for healthcare and educational institutions, retail, hospitality and work environments.
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B/S/H/ in Hoofddorp
Interior design
November 2011

In 2011 Bosch and Siemens The Netherlands merged. The perfect balance was sought between combining a retail space and workplace for the five brands -Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau and Constructa- in one building while keeping their own brand identity at the same time. D/DOCK is responsible for the interior design of the new Dutch headquarters and managed to combine the brands as one internally while maintaining the individual appearance and experience of each brand.

B/S/H/ is located at the new office park ‘Park 20I20’ in Hoofddorp, Amsterdam area. This park is unique as it is the first Cradle to Cradle-inspired office park in The Netherlands. The U.S. architecture firm William McDonough + Partners designed this flexible and innovative building, including many sustainable features such as full-height, four-story atrium with an indoor/outdoor Living Green Wall and a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roof that maximizes energy and day lighting. Classified BREEAM 4 stars; most of the interior is supplied under the Fornature terms. These terms guarantee that all interior products are sustainable and will return to the supplier after the end of use, to stimulate reuse and to ensure a second-life for all interior elements.

D/DOCK developed a tailor-made interior for the ultimate experience of the B/S/H/ brand and as a unique work environment. The result is a welcoming place that radiates a sense of calm, open for everyone, everywhere and at any time. Optimal lighting, tactile materials, soft colors and flexible design elements throughout maximize the experience and well being of the employees and customers. It emphasizes on the open structure of the building and the vision of B/S/H/ as a company. The two office floors, located above the retail space, are designed according to the ‘new way of working’ principle. The space is composed of zones, alternative workplaces, and each floor features a ‘hub’.

Out of 285 entries from 19 countries, D/DOCK was named a Shaw 2012 ‘Design is… Award’ winner for the design of B/S/H/. In its 7th year, Shaw honors design firms worldwide that are changing the very idea of what design is.

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