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D/DOCK is an Amsterdam based design studio of interiors and total concepts. The philosophy behind the studio goes beyond physical and aesthetic aspects alone. D/DOCK adopts a working method in which design, project management and consultancy are the ingredients for innovative business cases build around human requirements. The firm’s team draws on an international network of experts, collaborating with respected professionals in the industry who share knowledge and passion for what they do, jointly seek solutions that stimulate ambition and education, and contribute to a sustainable future.

D/DOCK collaborated with national and international respected clients such as Google, Philips, B/S/H/, TomTom, VUmc Amsterdam and 20th Century Fox.

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 36
1017 DG Amsterdam

D/DOCK is an international, multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers and project managers.

Services Provided
D/DOCK develops and realizes innovative solutions for healthcare and educational institutions, retail, hospitality and work environments.
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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant Vandaag in Amsterdam
Interior design
October 2012

Restaurant Vandaag is not an ordinary all you can eat restaurant; for a fixed price you can enjoy a total of seven different cuisines for two or three hours, depending on your appetite. An unfamiliar restaurant concept in Amsterdam with a total seating capacity of 500 guests. Dishes are prepared on the spot by one of the chefs at the various food counters. Each live cooking counter represents a different cuisine; besides Italian antipasti and fresh sushi, the restaurant offers a wide selection of Mediterranean food and meat from the grill.

According to D/DOCK’s Art Director Francesco Messori, Restaurant Vandaag is like a market place where you can shop around. It is an environment that is full of life and movement. “The selection of live cooking counters makes Restaurant Vandaag appealing to a wide range of target groups. It is a meetingplace for families, fair visitors from congress center the RAI across the street and local residents from the area” says Messori. Children play an important part in the concept. There is a separate playroom adjacent to the restaurant area and a special counter where children can bake their own cookies while mom and dad enjoy their lunch or dinner.

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