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Interior Decorator / Home Styling / Office and Store Design / Interior Service / Interior Photography

About me: Most of my time I spend between furniture … on a photo shoot or creating new interiors for my clients. I love to switch between the two disciplines, constantly re-discovering and forming new shapes. I’m just not able to pass on any furniture shop and leave on topic websites or magazines unread. My next inspiration could be waiting somewhere.

Koreastr. 7
20457 Hamburg

Photographer and Interior Designer

Services Provided
Design: interior design, furniture design and furniture making
Consulting: interior decorator, colour concepts, purchase assistance and ideas
Service: product and price research, personal shopping, supervision of all craftsman, decoration of model homes and offices, home staging, interior photography and exposé text
Areas Served


Sample Office Hafencity Hamburg

Work Spaces

Office right at the sea: a 1000 sqm office space in the heart of the beautiful Hamburg Speicherstadt district. It doesn’t get more Hamburg than that.

In the beginning, the office space was still in it’s in raw condition. Besides bare walls and dust there was little to see of the great location. This not so appealing look demanded a great deal of imagination from future tenants, which made it difficult to rent out the space.

The estate manager of Mr. F. Spratte of Dundee International contacted me to change that. What could have been an assignment for a standard office space, turned into a very beautiful project. Mr. Spratte desired to bring the atmosphere of the harbor and warehouse district into the interior. At the same time the potential of the spaces had to be displayed.

In the implementation, we have combined raw materials with clean design furniture. With small areas of space, each demonstrating a possible use in an abstract fashion, we structured the large empty area. The precious carpet which runs through the object as a straight line, serves as a visional mark.

For example a lounge was created from just a few elements:
A podium with a rough beam construction decorated with finds from shipping and storage, plus a few Swanchairs.
Elsewhere, a suggested work situation with office furniture, boxes and color charts replace an expensive furniture and still gives an idea of how these spaces would look like furnished.

After two viewings, the office space was already rented.

We were supported by the following companies:
Office Furniture: Luv Interiors
Stool: Kwilt Factory

Interior design, concept and photography by Studio Uwe Gärtner