Link Table


The Link table was desifned by Jakob Wagner for B&B Italia and is a one-of-a-kind piece that has been moulded in a continuous, joint-free shape. Link stands out for its “soft” material and sensual shape. The material makes you want to reach out and touch its smooth surface.

The table is made in a single piece and there are no hooks or joints.

Made from a practical technological material: a special type of Cristalplant® ensures that it is suitable for outdoor use. B&B Italia has made an innovative choice in deciding to use this material in living rooms for the first time. It is a resin, similar to Corian, in a fluid form that is moulded into the desired shape, a concept in line with B&B’s production philosophy for upholstered furniture. Cristalplant has a velvety smooth surface, an effective soft-touch surface that feels wonderful.

Link Table

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