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UXUS is a leading global strategic design consultancy delivering innovative consumer experiences for top multi-national brands. Regarded internationally as a thought leader, UXUS produces emotional and intelligent design exemplifying the principles of Brand Poetry: balancing creative excellence, with commercial success. UXUS consistently delivers the most unique and exciting solutions possible, creating noteworthy design and breaking through industry standards. UXUS has built a reputation for design excellence and innovation and has a comprehensive perspective into the world of consumer experiences and products.

UXUS was founded in Amsterdam, the creative design hub of Europe, by three passionate individuals: George Gottl, Oliver Michell and Erika Gottl.

UXUS aspires to bring Brand Poetry to the marketplace and beyond.

Keizersgracht 174
1016 DW Amsterdam

Since 2003, UXUS has grown into a multidisciplinary team of over 40 award-winning retail and hospitality designers, architects, graphic designers and brand specialists from around the world.

Services Provided
Spatial Branding
Graphic Design
Retail Design
Hospitality Design
From concept to completion we tailor our services to your specific requirements.
Areas Served


Skins 6/2


Skins 6/2 Cosmetics in Las Vegas

KGA Architecture


Other Projects

UXUS (Amsterdam)
UXUS (Amsterdam)
UXUS (Amsterdam)
UXUS (Amsterdam)
UXUS (Amsterdam)
UXUS (Amsterdam)