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Otto von Berlin design brand offers a unique combination of ideas and services for a perfectly personalized home, attractive business or public space.

Gregor Drobnic is an interior designer based in Berlin. With an architectural background he found his true passion in interior design. Gregor has been in the design industry for the last 10 years, working on several projects in Germany and Eastern Europe. He is customer focused, interweaving the space with creative approaches, functional visualizations and a unique urban style. His special talent lies in personalizing visual ideas to transform people’s dreams into a personal space.

Donaustrasse 16
12043 Berlin

Diploma Architect, University for Architecture Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2008

Services Provided
Personal furniture and design shopping and full service interior design. New empty spaces and old flats in need of renovation are a perfect starting point to collaborate with Otto von Berlin. We know just how to mix unique ideas and creative executions into a perfect personal space.
Areas Served


Loft in Berlin-Kreuzberg


Loft in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Urs Kuckertz