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2D+ is a Berlin based design collaborative for architecture and design. Founded by three architects with various cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, we engage in the idea of amplifying our individual strengths through a network of specialists in the design and construction industry. Our interdisciplinary business model combines design, planning and technology in innovative ways to provide our clients with both – quality and profitability. We are not just another architecture office – we are a workshop, a research lab, a platform, a classroom with a collective team of designers, planners, engineers, scientists, and artists who help us to develop innovative ideas and implement them into intelligent design solutions. We are a diversified group of interests, skills and talents whose sum is greater than our parts.

Our design methodology is not a product of formalities or styles but rather influenced by the unique prerequisites of each individual project. We believe in design through research. Beginning with our own procedural framework, we commonly develop, refine and implement techniques that will best serve each client’s requirements regarding program, location, aesthetics and budget. In order to streamline the communication and production process between our clients, consultants and builders, we employ a variety of emerging digital technologies. Our design methods and tools allow us to simulate, construct, prototype, fabricate, build, brand and market our client’s visions with high efficiency, cost-savings and precision. Our design solutions are characterized by flexibility, user-friendliness, efficiency, sustainability and attention to detail.

Senefelderstrasse 26
10437 Berlin

Markus Bonauer – M.ARCH. / Reg. Architect (AK BERLIN), Tiffany Taraska – M.ARCH. / B.A. (Human Biology), Michael Bölling – DIPL.-ING. (Architecture)Markus Bonauer – M.ARCH. / Freier Architekt (AK BERLIN), Tiffany Taraska – M.ARCH. / B.A. (Human Biology), Michael Bölling -DIPL.-ING. (Architektur)

Services Provided
Our services are dedicated to transform great ideas into great products! Working collaboratively with our network of experienced specialists in the design and construction industry, we combine the forces of design, marketing and technology in innovative ways to foster both – quality and profitability. We offer full design services in all phases from concept design to construction administration.
Areas Served

Our team and affiliated partner offices hold licenses for permitting construction projects in Germany and the U.S.

Childrens Hospital Münster

Public Spaces

Interior design 500sqm Childrens Hospital Münster in Germany

Uniklinikum Münster

In collaboration with