Kaiser Idell Lamp


The Kaiser Idell pendant lamp was designed by Christian Dell. The German silversmith Christian Dell was a teacher at the Bauhaus from 1922-1925. In collaboration with the modernist designers László Moholy-Nagy and Marianne Brandt, Dell helped to shape the Bauhaus approach to industrial lighting. From 1926 he designed lamps for various companies, including Gebrüder Kaiser & Co., which produced the first lamp in the Kaiser-idell collection (1931). The first part of the name stands for the factory that produced it, the latter is an artificial word from Dell and idea, the German word for “idea”. The collection, which will go into production again in 2011 by Fritz Hansen, is manufactured according to the designer’s original specifications, including his globally patented swivel joint for colour adjustment – revolutionary for his time.

Kaiser Idell Lamp

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