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Our love and intuition for finest, exceptional design follows one goal: to create rooms, which are just as individual and unique as our clients.

We dedicate ourselves to your project with our heart, mind and professional dedication. Communication is the key, and supports our aspiration to develope something great. For us, the team surrounding Conni Kotte, authenticity is a fundamental value.

We think in all directions, and creat 360° concepts. Here, the view of the environment is equally as important as the view of the heart and soul of our clients. This form of intense attention characterises us and our work.

An interior can be functional, but enchanting at the same time, if it was assembled with sensitivity and emotion. Quality is an essential factor. Precious objects and sought out design endure.

An athmosphere is created, which is representative but, most notably, creates a feeling of security and shelter. Anything that does you good is allowed. This is true luxury and extravagance. For us, this is the classy definition of an absolute and, above all, individual sense of wellbeing.

Bismarckstraße 103
20253 Hamburg

Interior Designer

Services Provided
Consulting + Planning
Design classics
Set-up of existing interior
Full Service Interior Design
Home accessoires
Unique furniture scouting
Custom-made production of unique furniture
3D Rendering
Conception of spaces
Areas Served


Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Katrin Roos-Wegdell

Work Spaces

Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Katrin Roos-Wegdell

Photos by Uwe Gärtner