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Fobsi Studio is a modern design agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. The agency was born in 2007 and has grown from being a playground of imagination to a flourishing business. They are rooted in their desire to keep pushing the limits of form and function. To enter the unknown is to enter freedom. They aim high and demand a lot of their clients. Or as they put it: they will listen to what you want, if you are prepared to hear what you need. Find out how close you are to making your dreams come true.

Frederiksberg Allé 28 tv
1820 Frederiksberg C

MA Furniture & Spatial Design

Services Provided
Fobsi Studio primarily works with interior decorating, brand development and furniture design.
Areas Served


Rythmic Music Conservatory

Public Spaces

Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen has just finished a complete interior makeover and now stands as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. With a vision of connecting all the fully equipped class and practice rooms, concert halls and recording studios with work rooms, canteen and lounge areas, we have designed the entire portfolio of spaces as one piece of music. Some of the decor symbolise chords, others represent beats, bars and time. The idea has been to creating a feeling and an atmosphere that motivate both students and teachers to embrace their work and feel at home in the wonderful and wondrous world of music.

Bjørn Bertheussen / [email protected]