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The Amsterdam-based design studio Müller van Tol specializes in industrial and interior design. Since founding their company in 1995, Christiane Müller and Bas van Tol have carried out a wide range of projects with their teams, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Their work is known for its communicative character and its international appeal.

Keizersgracht 73A
1015 CE Amsterdam

Industrial designer and interior designer, Design Academy Eindhoven

Services Provided
Industrial and interior design
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Work Spaces

Fatboy HQ, Den Bosch, the Netherlands, 2007
Interior design

The design of the Fatboy headquarters reflects the youthful identity and creates a highly functional work environment. The floor plan was kept wide open and transparent, giving access to the variety of activities that take place. The original industrial character of the building is still visible and its rawness is highlighted. The design took shape by creating a free space within the building by deconstructing two parts of the first floor, leaving the center part as an ‘floating’ work-island. This central space becomes the heart of the organization.

The ground floor and the ceiling are ‘made in one piece’ by giving the complete floor the same green color and finishing and printing the ceiling with a repetitive pattern of tree tops. The interior elements that were added to the space create a kind of choreography that allows for mobility and personality.

Bart Nieuwenhuijs and Bas van Tol

Studio Müller van Tol