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Atelier du Pont is a multipolar agency that combines public and private projects, architecture and town planning, interiors and exteriors, and reinvents itself with each new commission and encounter, developing an individual response to each specific context. This is a creative, serious, subtle interplay using a wide variety of colours, materials and styles to create spaces that are appropriate and imaginative, both outside time and of their time, life-enhancing for their users and inspiring for their designers.

Since the agency was established, it has completed a range of public facilities all over France and built a large number of housing projects for social funding agencies and private property developers. These experiences have given the agency the opportunity to operate in a variety of occasionally difficult contexts and sites.

Atelier du Pont’s predilections are for housing, town planning, rehabilitation, public facilities, residences and interior design, a gamut of practices where there is no room for habit or repetitiveness.

89 rue de Reuilly
75012 Paris

Architect, University Paris 7 & ENSAIS, Strasbourg

Services Provided
Housing, town planning, rehabilitation, public facilities, residences and interior design
Areas Served


Burma Boutique


The front of the Burma boutique in Rue de la Paix is decked out in black and glass. The exterior and interior spaces attract and interact via a façade that takes its inspiration from the portrait gallery. The jewellery in the shop window is exhibited in hanging elliptical display cases that almost seem to float in the air; the back of the cases is reminiscent of a hand-held mirror. This display provides a bold and unusual introduction to the store.
The interior is designed like a large-scale jewellery case, as the diffuse light cast by an enormous chain-mail chandelier shimmers over the surfaces. The agency designed virtually all the tables with moving mirrors and other furniture. Everything is made to measure, with the greatest attention paid to ensuring that this new attire fits the boutique like a glove.
The atmosphere is muffled, the seats are comfortable and the interior styling assured. This all combines to form a refined interplay of straight lines and ellipses that creates a fascinating and magnetic environment.

Philippe Garcia