IN 184/7 Swivel Chair


Created by wiege design company, the design of the IN swivel chair is outstanding. Distinctive pivotal points and a young athletic aesthetic make the IN Wilkhahn chair a high-quality eye-catcher that’s understated at the same time. To activate our bodies and minds, concentrate better and relax more effectively, it’s vital to bring back a diverse and frequent range of motion to offices. Which is why, as dynamic sitting specialists, Wilkhahn taught office chair ON to “walk” for the first time. Wilkhahn came up with and patented a world´s first, namely the Trimension® technology. It encourages your hips to move and securely maintains your body’s centre of gravity whatever posture you adopt. More compact, more straightforward and even more dynamic, the IN swivel chair offers a unique combination of natural, three dimensional sitting dynamics with superb comfort and a feeling of well-being. The synchronously flexible seat and back react to the slightest shifts in weight and follow your body in any direction, just like a second skin. But IN’s not just impressive from a technical point of view.

IN 184/7 Swivel Chair

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