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The USM Haller E presents this design classic in a completely new light. The USM shelf can use e-balls, e-connectors and e-tubes to bring electricity to the desired location and use the light to create completely new accents and user experiences. But E goes even further – it can also offer practical charging stations with simple accessories that integrate elegantly into the furniture. USB Charger or light sources können into predefined cut-outs at custom locations. For the cover of the cut-outs without light or USB connection are also available as dummy elements for use. The compartment lighting is just as ingenious. USM Haller’s power supply is elegant and pragmatic as usual: in this way, the power supply can be switched on at any point in ground proximity.

The power supply cable is connected to a USM Haller e-ball and then the power supply unit is pushed under the furniture in such a way that only the discreet switch remains visible. Result: sourcing the electricity does not require visible cables. It is integrated in the structure! Thus, low or high boards, sideboards, or entire shelves can shine in a new light with the familiar versatility of USM Haller Furniture. The light elements are not visible when not switched on and can be replaced later if necessary.

Here you get a very nice impression of the new USM Haller E:


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USM Haller

In 1988 it was decided for the first time in Germany that the USM Haller furniture system is a work of applied art and is protected by copyright. The design classic found its way into the MOMA collection in New York, which in addition to the high distinction also confirms the artistic character of the furniture. The ingenuity to the design classic and interesting backgrounds about USM Haller as a company are explained here briefly and worth seeing.

USM Haller has dedicated its own film to the special chrome sphere that so ingeniously combines tubes and surface and the resulting modularity:


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Before you jump into the configurator and start configuring, a better understanding of the effect of this design furniture on the room is worthwhile. With a USM Haller configurator, you can easily plan/configure/optimize/despair/forget/age for months like configuring a round-the-world ticket – until you no longer see the shelf in front of all the connectors at the end.

It is worthwhile to finally think of oneself and to get a picture and a feeling for the piece of furniture and the characteristics of the individual modules on site. Otherwise you configure modules that you don’t really want in the end. This applies in particular to the details that ultimately make up a designer piece of furniture. Do you even want the lock handle? The USM Haller E offers so many application possibilities, which always look different in their interaction. Just look at the basic modules:

1. glass display cases, which can be illuminated all around

2. compartments with or without metal cladding
Shelves without metal cladding can be completely illuminated.

3. compartments with metal cladding
Fächer with metal cladding can be illuminated from the front.

4. compartments with pull-out shelf
illumination of the whole tray with pull-out tray möglich.

5. fold and retrieveable door
The function “Light at shelf opening” automatically switches on the light when opening.

6. Side Tableua with presentation area
The presentation area is illuminated from the front.

7. floor lighting
With floor lighting, the light shines at a 25-degree angle under the furniture.

8. ambient light
The light is directed horizontally backwards and allows so as to illuminate the environment and create mood.

9. e-USB Charger
Can be integrated in the same places as the e-lamp.

USM Haller E Sketch

(click to enlarge):


USM Haller E Care

The chrome-plated, powder-coated and glass elements as well as all table top surfaces should be wiped with a soft, slightly moist cotton cloth and dried. For more intensive dirt, glass cleaners or water with spirit are usually suitable if diluted in a ratio of 10:1.


Current locations of the sideboard for experiencing, touching and trying out the USM Haller E are reported to us directly by selected specialist dealers. These showrooms are shown below. There the Design furniture can now actually be experienced indoors. Here you can experience a large selection of variants, study the colour fans and examine the design classic from every angle and profit from the rich furnishing treasure of the house. In addition, the house offers a professional construction of the furniture by trained specialist staff. Especially for more complex furniture such as the USM Haller E with its non-trivial lighting elements, installation by professionals is recommended.

Design furniture is no ordinary consumer item, it becomes a roommate with whom you ideally spend many years. That’s why you usually like to meet them in person before you commit yourself (forever). Besides, you have the assurance to get authentic originals. And with a little luck, the piece on display is exactly what you were looking for and can take it home with you right away.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new roommate USM Haller E.

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Haller E

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