Flex Shelf


At first glance you find it beautiful, at second glance you find everything. FLEX offers the ideal setting for all those who want to compose their own individual and aesthetic organizing principle. That is why FLEX offers ready-made carcass shelving units with fixed arrangement, which can be used and combined by you in free play. Repeat the different shelf elements alternately and add other prepared elements to create an exciting basic grid that you can use creatively. The boxes contribute to this, which can be pushed in quietly or rather wildly, depending on taste. In the front-flush version, they harmonise the image. They can also protrude from the shelf in two different depths. This results in an extraordinarily complex appearance – ideally with extensive shelf walls – whose rhythmically distributed front surfaces will continue to fascinate your eyes for years to come. Another special feature: FLEX can also be suspended.

Flex Shelf

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