Ptolomeo Book Shelf 160


Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, winner of the 2004 Compasso d’Oro, the Ptolomeo bookcase is a free-standing bookcase that requires no further presentation: it is simple, revolutionary, innovative, as sudden as intuition and as surprising as its success. The Ptolomeo shelf is a container that hides its shape to reinforce its contents and eliminate the “superfluous”, to emphasize the essential, namely the books. The design bookcase is a simple metal column to which thin shelves, also made of metal, are attached. The shelves gradually disappear when the column is filled with books. When it is full, the Ptolomeo shelf becomes completely imperceptible and the books seem to stand on their own. The Ptolomeo is a bookcase as “banal” as it is bold to become a contemporary icon, a harmonious work of art. Like all works of art, it is signed on its base with the designer’s signature. The design object is available in three different heights. The Ptolomeo rests on a solid base – in stainless steel or painted metal, matched to the frame – suitable for its full stability. The bookcase takes up little space and can be placed in any context, from traditional to modern, also thanks to the various surfaces (black, white, stainless steel or Corten effect) that allow it to adapt to all types of environments. The shelf pays homage to the books and to the first person in history to remember them: Ptolemy I. Soter, to whom we owe the idea of building the Royal Library in Alexandria in Egypt in the 3rd century BC.

Ptolomeo Book Shelf 160

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