Elephant Armchair


Elephant Armchair was designed by Paster & Geldmacher for Kristalia and this is a design chair that combines strength and beauty with practicality and reliability; Elephant, pushes the boundaries of innovation and sets new standards for design and usability. Despite its relatively short lifespan, Elephant has already received international recognition from audiences and critics alike, and was awarded with the “Best of Best Winners of the Interior Innovation Award” in 2012. The outer shell of the chair is, as its name would suggest, inspired by the powerful but smooth back of an elephant. The chair is available in leather, with visible seams, and in a second variant made of polyurethane, with the optional extra of a removable cushion upholstered in fabric.

We wish you lots of joy with the Kristalia Elephant Armchair All product images provided by Kristalia.

Elephant Armchair

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