Oskar Table


The Oskar table, designed by Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen, is the architectural vision of a table. Vincent Van Duysen commented on the design: “The name is a tribute to Oscar Niemeyer. Regardless of the name, this choice reflects my admiration for all the great architects of modernism whose work is a combination of fluid forms, passion and materiality”. As known from B&B, the research department of this Italian luxury furniture manufacturer once again creates special features that are simply special and unique. In the production of this design object, for example, the glass pane that has not yet cooled is placed on a metal plate with an imperfect surface that gives the glass the appearance of freshly laid concrete. Thanks to the plasticity of the form, the table top is slightly lifted off the legs and seems to float: the effect is accentuated even more by the combination of different materials. An object that is difficult to describe with text and simply cannot be adequately documented with photos and videos. We recommend, as with all designer furniture, to make your own personal experience in the showroom and judge for yourself.

Oskar Table

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