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Interior design for brave souls!

Having the courage to juxtapose incongruous styles is not necessarily an invitation to bad taste. On the contrary! Creative daring, unconventional ideas and a flair for the unexpected are at the core of every successful architectural innovation, including those in interior design. This is what BERLINRODEO is all about.

A room is truly unique only when its personality reflects that of its inhabitants. This is why we design spaces as unique as you are.


We take dreams seriously. We believe that the art of interior design lies as much in paying close attention to the customer’s desires as it does in successfully realizing concepts. Our mission is to help you express your personal taste. Our eye for detail enables us to create environments that are tailored to suit the individual. We take challenges head on and are passionate about making your space even better than you’d ever imagined it could be.

Kadiner Straße 20a
10243 Berlin

Interior architects

Services Provided
Innovative Concepts, Perfect Execution.
BERLINRODEO creates spaces that are at once artful and highly functional. From flamboyant to sleek, no two concepts are the same.
We specialize in the following fields: private interior design, office design, retail design and medical profession office design.
We also offer: set design, personal shopping, home staging, visual merchandising and room fittings.
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