Seletti Neon-Art

Written by Stella Peeters in

You’re in need of some creativity when you buy this neon lamp from Seletti. It’s up to you to decide what text you want on your wall. You can choose from all letters, numbers and some symbols. BADINI studio designed the lights for Seletti and drew its inspiration from the famous American typewriter. Combined with neon tubes, these lamps fit in perfectly with the philosophy of the Italian Seletti, where (r)evolution is paramount. Founded in 1964 by Romano Seletti, the company is now in the hands of son Stefano. His father traveled frequently from early 70s to the Far East and was a pioneer in the import of bamboo decoration products, dishes and tablecloths. Stefano has shifted Selettis focus and aims at making popular products with a high degree of creativity and artistic contributions, at a reasonable price. He works with young Italian and international designers, which clearly allowed their own stamp on the products.

Neon Art by Seletti I Innsides

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