Pepe Marble Mirror by Studiopepe

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The marble trend is still omnipresent – justifiably so, in our opinion. The Pepe Marble Mirror designed by Studiopepe for Menu is a real beauty. The mirror convinces with its restrained, understated elegance and consists of just three materials: marble, brass and mirror. The marble disc sits in perfect harmony with the shiny gold frame of the mirror, which is supported by two brass screws that enable it to turn on its axis.

Studiopepe, who we’ve previously featured with their beautiful exhibition for Spotti, was inspired by Italian design of the 1950s. Their aesthetic is to work only with materials that become more beautiful over time. With the creation of the Pepe Marble Mirror, we feel they have fulfilled this objective in every respect – what do you think?

Pepe Marble Mirror by Studiopepe I Innsides

Pepe Marble Mirror by Studiopepe I Innsides

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