Cactuses everywhere

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It’s no surprise cactuses are steeling the show in lots of interiors with their extravagant beauty. Also when you’re not blessed with a green thumb, these sensitive beauties are easy to care for.

Arranged in groups, small cactuses become real eye-catchers, larger specimens may also stand-alone. Combined with simple white pots the plants appear very noble and in terracotta they create a mediterranean atmosphere.

The choice of a new, green roommate is not easy, because these plants come in many sizes and shapes. Something for everyone. Give it a try!

Cactuses everywhere I Innsides

Cactuses everywhere I Innsides

Cactuses everywhere I Innsides

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Stella Peeters | September 2015
Hi Sheila, great to hear. Just wonderful! Enjoy your succulents and cacti lots. I hope they will beautify your interior. X Stella
Sheila | September 2015
my forte has been orchids for many years, along with anything green, w/wo flowers. I am beginning to get into succulents and cacti and your site caught my eye. I can hardly wait to play with different cacti and do some grafting.