B&B Italia Solo ’14 sofa re-imagined by Antonio Citterio

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Looking for a dynamic seating solution for your home? Created by designer Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, the Solo ’14 is both functional and fabulously stylish. This eye-catching design is based on a celebrated seating systems from the 1999, with Citterio returning to the drawing board to re-imagine one of his most popular collections.

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Like all L-shaped sofas, the Solo ’14 looks equally at home in rooms short on square footage, along with more expansive, open-plan spaces. At first glance, the upgrades on the 1999 version might be hard to spot, but there is plenty of exciting new features to get excited about. Although the basic form of the sofa remains the same, the addition of faux leather lines gives this piece of premium furniture an attractive tailored finish. The visible supports of the unit have also been considered, with more minimalist piping and gentle curves giving this piece a more laid-back aesthetic. What’s more, this reinvention of the Solo ’14 features more space to recline and relax with the addition of a chaise lounge element. If the living room is the heart of the home, this sofa system will take pride of place at the very core of your everyday living.


Sofa Solo 14 von B&B Italia

Sofa Solo 14 von B&B Italia

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